Women in sport

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In 2023, women’s sport took Australia by storm.

The Matildas made history, leaving all of Australia on the edge of our seats.

Their clash against England became Australia’s most watched TV broadcast in history, with over 11 million viewers.

Aussie women’s cricket nailed the T20 World Cup, and the Diamonds won back the Netball World Cup, with more eyes on them than ever before.

It seems everyone wants to watch women’s sport. 

Our exceptional female athletes deserve so much more than our applause; they deserve to be paid what they’re worth.

In 2015, the Matildas made history by being the first national sporting team to go on strike in the modern era.

They refused to play, pointing to pay that was below the national minimum wage.

It was a watershed moment not just for the Matildas but for women’s sport.

Following that, the A-League Women and the AFLW competitions took off and started bargaining too.

This year, Australia’s female cricketers secured a historic 66 per cent pay rise, and the AFLW players nearly doubled their wages after joint bargaining with male players. 

These are significant strides in the journey towards equal pay in this country, but the fight continues, including for our beloved Diamonds.

These exceptional netballers receive a minimum salary of just $43,000 per annum.

Eighteen years ago, led by the legendary Liz Ellis, Australian women netballers collectively bargained for better conditions.

Ellis’s call for fair pay echoes today as an unfinished battle.

We cannot overlook the ongoing dispute.