About Senator Jess Walsh


Dr Jess Walsh is a proud Labor Senator who believes a well-paid, stable job is the foundation for a good life in this country.

Jess serves as Chair of the Senate Economics Committee which covers the Treasury, Industry, Science and Resources portfolios.

She believes the economy needs to work for all Australians, with a focus on prioritising women, uplifting regional communities, and safeguarding our most vulnerable.

Jess has been a loud voice for workers throughout her career and wants workers – from care economy workers to manufacturers – to be given the pay, conditions, and respect they deserve.

Before entering Federal Parliament, Jess was a researcher, campaigner, and union leader.

As Victorian Secretary to one of Australia’s largest unions, she represented essential workers including cleaners, ambos, security officers, early childhood educators and hospitality workers.

Jess was a research fellow at two progressive think tanks in the United States, the Institute for Policy Studies and the Economic Policy Institute. Her time outside of Australia made her passionate about fighting for what we have here.

Jess holds a Masters Degree from the University of Southern California and a PhD in economic geography from the University of Melbourne.

Elected to the Senate in 2019, Jess remains committed to creating a future where no one is held back, and no one left behind.

A good job opens the doors of opportunity in this country – it means Australians can better support themselves, their families, and their local communities.