Senate Economics Budget Estimates underway

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The Senate Economics Budget Estimates marathon is underway!

First out of the blocks is Treasury Secretary Dr. Steven Kennedy.

Some key jobs news from his analysis:

👩‍⚕️ Jobs growth in the past 2 years is stronger in Australia than any other major advanced economy.

⬆ Wages are growing near their fastest rate in 15 years.

🔋 Business investment in coming years will be driven in significant part by renewable energy projects.

The transformation ahead will require careful steering, as we move through above-band inflation and subdued growth forecasts.

And the need to decarbonise our economy, along with the imperative to secure supply chains underpin our Future Made in Australia strategy.

There’s a lot of interest in this strategy to make more of what we need right here.

The next steps are for Treasury to develop our National Interest Framework to guide investment, along with a new task force to consult on a clear ‘front door’ for investors.

We’re determined Australia must take its place in the global race for investment.

And there’ll be more on all of this as the marathon continues!