2024/25 Budget putting care economy front and centre

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This week’s Budget is putting the care economy front and centre!

And we’ll be the first government in history to truly recognise this critical sector.

Almost half a million women work in aged care and early education combined.

The work is highly skilled and has been grossly undervalued.

Tomorrow, we’ll unveil a multi-billion-dollar budget provision for better wages in these industries.

This is going to make a real difference.

Investing in our early childhood educators means:

💜 Economic security for these dedicated, but undervalued, women.

💜 Quality education for the next generation, with our skilled educators staying in the sector.

💜 A strong labour force participation, ensuring parents can work the hours they want.

An investment in our care economy is an investment in Australia.

It’s better for women, the economy, and the nation.

We trust these workers to care for and educate our loved ones.

It’s time their pay packet reflects the essential work they do.

And I am proud to be a part of a Government delivering these historic changes.